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Cycles of the Womb~ Herbal Kit for Feminine Wisdom

Cycles of the Womb~ Herbal Kit for Feminine Wisdom

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This offering is designed to take you on a journey of getting to know your body and connect you to your own innate cycles in a more complete, comprehensive, and intuitive way. In general our individual feminine cycle is divided into 4 weeks, with menstruation being our "new moon" time of releasing that which no longer serves, and ovulation being our "full moon," a time of peak creativity for our bodies, minds and spirits. When we are in tune with our cycles we can understand ourselves and our emotions on a deeper energetic level, and utilize the gifts that each week brings to help us release or attract that which we desire in our lives.

Knowing our cycles can help us be a bit easier on ourselves as well. For example, maybe we are just not feeling in the creative flow during a particular time of the month, or maybe we are feeling like we want to be in bed for the day but don't really understand why. This offering will help women understand the energetic and physical reasons why these emotions come up and how to embrace them and weave them into day-to-day reality.


This kit includes 4 different herb and crystal elixirs, one for each week of your cycle. These herbal and crystal allies will help to tune you into the energies that are naturally moving through you each week, and help you amplify and integrate these energies to empower and support you.  Along with these elixirs will come a small booklet written by Marrisa Correia, a woman who has studied the feminine cycles extensively, and has a created an amazing course to help women better understand and connect to their cyclical nature. The booklet will contain highlights of feminine wisdom from her course, along with detailed information about the herbs and stones used in the medicines.


Included in the kit:



Mugwort + Moonstone Elixir



Red Raspberry Leaf and Rose Quartz Elixir



Tulsi + Chrysocolla Elixir



Motherwort + Black Tourmaline Elixir

*A booklet by Marissa and myself containing valuable wisdom and information about our cycles. Also included are affirmations for each week that may be spoken while taking the medicine to elevate intentions.


All elixirs are crafted with organic cane alcohol, reverse osmosis water, and organic herbs. Please note the crystals were not in direct contact with the elixir as some crystals would release toxins if left to soak in the elixir solution.



*Not for use while pregnant or if trying to conceive. Please consult your health care provider before use, especially if taking other medications. Not approved by the FDA.


All tinctures come in a 1oz amber glass dropper bottle.


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