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Wild Rose + Borage Facial Toning Spray

Wild Rose + Borage Facial Toning Spray

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This facial toning spray contains homegrown wild rose and borage infused in witch hazel, rose hydrosol, and cosmos flower essence. This uplifting blend helps to tighten, tone and energize the face. It awakens skin with a radiant glow. Cosmos flower essence is added to bring inspiration, joy and harmony to the energy body, and to help align the mind and heart when speaking or writing. A spray of the fairy realm.

Spray onto your face after cleansing to help tighten and soothe skin. Follow with your favorite moistuizer or serum (see our Morning Dew Serum for a decadent moisturizing experience). Also great to apply throughout the day when a refresh is needed.

Crafted with all organic: witch hazel infused with homegrown wild roses and borage flowers and leaves, rose hydrosol, hibiscus flowers, cosmos flower essence and love.

Comes in a 2oz glass spray bottle.

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