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Astragalus Flower Essence

Astragalus Flower Essence


Plant Spirits~Connection~Energy


This essence connects one to the fairy realm. It's energetic properties help one become more in tune to natural surroundings and the magic that lies within the flowers, trees, water, rocks and wind. This essence is wonderful to take before a beautiful hike, an enchanting day in the garden or a restorative day by the ocean. It helps one become more attuned to the whispers of wisdom from life in the natural world.

Astragalus Flower Essence accelerates your spiritual growth in a most graceful way. It helps one cut through illusion of the ego to one's deeper purpose. It also increases energy levels and individual strength to help one manifest their deepest dreams. This essence is also helpful if you want to connect to your angels.


Flower Essences work their healing magic on a vibrational level, assisting one in creating major physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in your life.

Crafted with: reverse osmosis, organic cane alcohol, organic astragalus flower essence, and love.

This essence comes in a half ounce amber dropper bottle.

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