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Chamomile Flower Essence

Chamomile Flower Essence


Chamomile flower essence helps one to not get upset over the little things, and expands one's awareness to see the perfection of what is; even and especially when a situation is imperfect. It aids in releasing and dissolving tension and stress and helps solve inner-conflicts, leading to inner peace.

This essence is extremely soothing. It eases emotional troubles and helps one effectively acknowledge and release anger, irritability and impatience.

It also assists one in seeing the light and love present in dark periods of one's life. It helps one to remember why we are here through all of our human imperfection and turmoil. Suffering truly brings us to a better understanding of ourselves and guides us to more light-filled days of joyful perspective; this essence helps us in acknowledging and getting though the muck of life, all while loving ourselves and our own unique process to get to the light.

This essence is infused with blue lace agate crystal essence, which helps bring tranquility to body, mind and spirit.

Flower essences work their healing magic on a vibrational level, assisting you in creating significant physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in your life.

Ingredients: organically grown chamomile flower essence, reverse osmosis water, organic cane alcohol, and love.


Comes in a .5 oz amber dropper bottle.

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