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Hibiscus Flower Essence

Hibiscus Flower Essence


Passion~Creativity~Sexual Healing


This essence embodies passion and helps one's innate creativity flourish. It aids in connecting the womb to the heart space and opening and softening these areas to increase their ability to receive love and goodness. It is helpful for those who are searching for their passion, unsure of where to start. It sparks inspiration and activates boldness in those who may be in need of positive change in their lives. It inspires courage to overcome fears and to tap into one's deepest desires.


This essence assists one in feeling more comfortable and safe in love making, and aids those who may have difficulties expressing their love to feel more safe and free in their sexuality. It helps to alleviate fears associate with being intimate, and assists in deep healing for those who have experienced sexual trauma. It helps break down the walls that one may have put up around their own sexuality, and aids opens up one's capacity to give and receive love without fear.


Flower Essences work their healing magic on a vibrational level, assisting one in creating major physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in your life.

Crafted with: reverse osmosis, organic cane alcohol, organic hibiscus flower essence, and love.

This essence comes in a half ounce amber dropper bottle.

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