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Wild Mugwort Flower Essence

Wild Mugwort Flower Essence


Intuition~Integration~Womb Clearing


This essence is helpful when wanting to strengthen your innate intuition. If taken before bed, this essence may help one in uncovering answers to real life problems or concerns in dreamtime, aiding one to integrate these insights in the waking life. 


This is essence has a strong association with the moon. It aids in regulating women's cycles and alleviating undesirable symptoms that may arise during moontime. It also assists one's cycle to become more in tune with the moon cycle.


Mugwort flower essence is helpful is one is experiencing nervous disorders such as high stress, anxiety or panic. It heightens psychic abilities and intuition. This essence embodies the dark goddess and her teachings; to look within during times of emotional turmoil and love these aspects of self just as you love the positive ones. By intergrating the darkness, instead of resisting or trying to overcome it, one becomes whole.



Flower Essences work their healing magic on a vibrational level, assisting you in creating major physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in your life.

Crafted with: reverse osmosis, organic cane alcohol, wild mugwort flower essence, and love.

This essence comes in a half ounce amber dropper bottle.

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