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White Sage Flower Essence

White Sage Flower Essence





White sage flower essence is very protective, as it shields one from negative energies that could induce stress or tension. It purifies these emotions if already present and increases the capacity for one to receive desirable, uplifting energies. This essence helps emotional blockages emerge so that one may acknowledge and learn from the teachings they bring forth. In this way, White Sage Flower Essence helps one access the wisdom of their higher self and their purpose, and in doing so, transforms these blockages into blessings to help one recognize their potential in this life.

This essence is one of power, and aids in revealing the immense power that lies in loving and accepting yourself and your emotions. It helps in bringing out your inner queen or king, treating yourself like the regal being that you are. It aids in giving you the power to stand up and ask for what you need. It also shows the importance of major self care, and that when one loves themselves unconditionally, the soul can flourish and blossom. Humble pride of self ensues.



Flower Essences work their healing magic on a vibrational level, assisting one in creating major physical, emotional and spiritual shifts in your life.

Crafted with: reverse osmosis, organic cane alcohol, organic white sage flower essence, and love.

This essence comes in a half ounce amber dropper bottle.

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