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Embers Aglow Cider Elixir

Embers Aglow Cider Elixir

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Embers Aglow is a deliciously spiced fire cider elixir, with a bit of magic from the flowers and the stones added in for potency and effectiveness. This elixir helps to boost vitality and immunity in the body while also diminishing illness and congestion, improves circulation, aids in digestion and in bringing warmth into the body.


Carnelian stone essence and calendula flower essence are also added to bring a glowing vitality and nurturing protection to the energy body, and to infuse focus and intuitive clarity into everyday endeavors.


Most of the ingredients were grown and harvested with love, gratitude, and prayer on our beloved land. This elixir is delicious taken by itself, added into soups or broths, or incorporated into salad dressings.


Crafted with all organic/homegrown: lemon, hibiscus flowers, nasturtium flowers, oregano, rosemary leaf, rosemary flowers, hot peppers, ginger, and turmeric infused in apple cider vinegar, raw honey, carnelian stone essence, calendula flower essence* and lots of love.


*Carnelian and calendula essences bring vitality and support to the energy body.


Comes packaged in a 4oz glass bottle.


Not FDA approved. Please consult a medical professional before using.

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