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Mama Bliss Postpartum Tincture

Mama Bliss Postpartum Tincture

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The postpartum period is a tiny window of time in a woman’s life full of magic, healing, inner strength and resilience that was perhaps not known before giving birth. It is essential that new mamas take care of themselves (and are taken care of) as much as possible to be able to be present and focused on caring for and loving on their newborn around the clock.


Many believe that the more mamas rest and take care of themselves during this period of time, the more strength, vitality and health is present in their bodies for the rest of their lives. This tincture is a sacred form of self care gifted from the plant realm after baby is born.


The herbs combined in this tincture are a deeply healing tonic for the postpartum body. They provide emotional support for the new mama, when hormones are out of their normal ranges and sleep deprivation is at its height. It helps to tone the uterus, eases feelings of tension and overwhelm, helps prevent and lift postpartum depression, and is calming to the physical and emotional bodies.


Blessed thistle and fennel seed also help to increase and maintain a bountiful milk supply, while helping to sooth digestion/colic for mama and baby.


It also helps to bring on rest and sleep when mama is feeling unable to relax, and soothes new mama anxieties and nervousness.


Rose quartz essence is added to open the heart center to receive all the sweet and fleeting newborn love. Give this healing gift to yourself or a loved for a little extra support and love for after baby is born.


Crafted with all organic/homegrown: raspberry leaf, fennel seed, lemon balm, blessed thistle leaf, skullcap, and motherwort infused in organic cane alcohol and reverse osmosis water, rose quartz essence and lots of love.



This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition.

I am not a licensed practitioner but have thoroughly researched my products/ingredients to give you a safe and reliable remedy. Please use this product safely and consult with a health professional when necessary or for very specific questions. If taking other medications, please talk with your doctor to ensure there are no contraindications. This product is not FDA approved.

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