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Sacred Salve

Sacred Salve


Sacred Salve is an all purpose salve that can be used for a variety of skin irritations; cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns, bruises, bites, etc. It is anti-inflammatory, helps wounds heal more rapidly, reduces scarring, and is extremely soothing and relieving.

Crafted with all organic: cold pressed olive oil infused with calendula flowers, comfrey leaves, and plantain leaves, candelilla wax, therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil, vitamin e, and love. 



The herb infused olive oil of this salve has also been infused with a piece of cleansed and charged clear quartz. When clear quartz is infused into an oil with herbs, it enhances the healing properties of the plant medicine, making it more potent. Not only this, but it also elevates the healing properties of the salve, making it not only effective on the physical level, but on the spiritual and emotional levels as well.

Comes in a 1.7oz amber jar. For external use only. Not recommended to use on puncture wounds. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. 

I am not a licensed practitioner but have thoroughly researched my products/ingredients to give you a safe and reliable remedy. Please use this product safely and consult with a health professional when necessary or for very specific questions.

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