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Herbal Postpartum Bath Blend

Herbal Postpartum Bath Blend


A fragrant combination of 8 healing and soothing herbs to help with healing and discomfort after childbirth. This ritual is not only important to heal mama's body after birth, but it also serves as a ceremony of self love in giving back to herself after caring for her sweet newborn around the clock.

Crafted with [all organic]: Calendula flowers, lavender flowers, comfrey leaf, rose petals, yarrow flowers, plantain, St John’s Wort, chamomile flowers and love.

About the ingredients:

Calendula: healing herb for the skin as it helps support healthy cell regeneration, has antiseptic properties, and eases soreness.

Lavender: calming/relaxing properties, strong antibacterial, and antiseptic properties

Comfrey: soothes skin, promotes movement of stagnated blood, helps knit wounds together more quickly

Rose Petals: calming to mind and body, soothing to skin as it rejuvenates and replenishes, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Yarrow: is toning; reduces excess fluid stored in tissues which causes swelling, natural antibiotic and antiseptic properties

Plantain: Soothing/nourishing to the skin, anti-inflammatory

St. John’s Wort: pain-reliving properties, helps to speed up the healing of wounds

Chamomile: calming/anti-inflammatory properties


This listing is for 2 ounces of organic herbs, packed in a reusable muslin bag. The herbs will make approximately 3 sitz baths, and will come with instructions for use.

Made with lots of love and healing intentions <3

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