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Soft Space Yoni Steam

Soft Space Yoni Steam



The yoni steam is a tradition of our ancestors.

The practice itself entails one sitting in a supported squat over a bowl/jar/pot of steaming herbs, with a blanket wrapped around the body to channel the herbal steam upward into the yoni.

The steam aids in releasing toxins and past residue of menstruation. It also helps in clearing old, stagnant energies and energetic cultural wounds about our worth that we hold onto that may be passed down from our ancestors

Our wombs are a place in our bodies of creativity, creation and new life. This steam helps revive our creative center in our bodies which is our birth rite as women. Our wombs are innately connected to our hearts and this yoni steam promotes a healthy relationship with both of these important areas in our bodies.

In addition to energetically promoting a healthy womb space, yoni steams have also been known to aid in healing menstrual and fertility problems, yeast infections, cramps, fibroids and cysts in this area. Many women also experience a cleansing of the womb walls, as past menstrual residue and toxins are released during one's next moon flow.

During this ritual you may feel a sense of release, and so journaling may be a useful practice to utilize while in this space of healing. Meditation is also a powerful tool to enhance the effects of this ceremony.


Comes in a muslin bag holding about 2 ounces of dry herbs, making about 3 yoni steams. Instructions for use will be included inside the bag.

The herbs used for this steam were chosen based on their spiritual properties to awaken creative flow and soothe uterine lining, aromatherapy properties to awaken the senses, and properties to deeply nourish and cleanse your most sacred space.

Crafted with ALL ORGANIC: rose petals, mugwort, chamomile, lavender, homegrown rosemary, comfrey leaf, calendula flowers and passionflower.


*Do not use yoni steam if menstruating or pregnant.

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